I’ll show as much of Pink Floyd’s video as we can get to on the first day of class in College Writing.

I’ll stop the video once or twice so students can take notes on their impressions, then they will have two days to write a responsive essay:

Write a two-page paper on The Wall. Double-spaced, 12 point Times, one inch margins. Bring two hard copies to class on Thursday. You will need to generate a thesis, here are some ways to think about making your decision: What is The Wall about? What connections and/or questions does The Wall show that feel similar to (or different from) your own life, now (or at any time)? What thoughts/emotions/associations does The Wall bring to you? In other words, you’ll have to make some kind of sense of what you watched, and then to try to explain it to someone else. Give your paper a unique title – something that reflects the main point of your meaning/message.