Imagine if we all got an ambient orb to monitor our personal energy consumption? I like the idea also of aggregating the results (somehow) and making the cumulative effect known to the world. The Wattson (now available only in the UK) has this capability according to Clive Thompson (Psst! You’re Wasting Electricity, August 2007 Wired).

Ambient Device’s EnergyJoule is elegant (Slight the Power) in comparison with the Wattson, but a) it does not (yet) measure individual home use and b) you apparently have to become a member of a demand response management group called ConsumerPowerline in order to acquire one.

Becoming a member seems to be free (I’ve requested a login, we’ll see what happens). There’s interesting info on their site (such as whitepapers) available without joining. That’s smart: we get to see the rhetoric they use to perform the ethics to which they appeal. They provide a FAQ about home use. Currently in beta-testing, the devices are mainly available in the NYC area. Perhaps within a year (?) we can begin to install them at home.