The freshfolk came up with a list of “hardest things” and “easiest things” in writing their first essays, which are based on viewing the opening quarter-hour of The Wall.

Featuring the music of Pink Floyd, many students found it easy to relate to the music and symbols in the film, and relate these to their own lives. The film was interesting to watch, and they enjoyed the opportunity to expound on their own opinions. Those who struggled the most at least were able to fill out the logistical heading (name, course, date). 🙂 (I hope this does not set the standard for resistance to being stretched!)

The hard things are the hard things about writing.hardest-about-writing.jpg Sometimes technology goes on the fritz, selecting a topic and sticking with it are often a challenge, especially when there are so many choices, each of which leads in a different direction. That same plethora of information has to be waded through and organized with some kind of sense, background researched and established. This movie in particular was tricky because there’s no dialogue, so the visual imagery has to be translated into words.

The attrition rate was a bit high, but we picked up as many as we lost. Positive attitudes and laughter are part of the atmosphere. This is good. 🙂