may wind up in some part of our class, if I think there is something worthwhile for all of our attention.  I got this message before Thursday’s class, so the assignment mentioned is the first essay on the movie, Babel.

I ordered my textbook online and It’s still not here. So I went to the library, and the reserve copies are “missing.” So I looked up Semiotics on wikipedia and refreshed my memory, but I’m still a little confused about the assignment for today. I’ve started writing about how a viewer can create meaning out of a series of images even when they are shown out of order. I hope that’s a valid direction.

First of all, terrific initiative.  That kind of diligence bodes well for success in this course. 🙂

Secondly, this student raises the notion of validity.  I want to add this concept to the list of terms we generated for further attention: semiotics, ideology, interpretive approach, and neutrality.

There are two themes in definitions of the term, validity: one theme involves the notion of truth, and the other theme involves the notion of logic.  I am not sure if this student meant one of these themes more than the other, but I have a suspicion . . .