Evidence of (pedagogical) Ultimate Achievement:

Sigh. I would like to continue to participate in my student’s lives. At least to observe their thinking continue to develop, learn from their experiences and ways of being, and/or possibly be a nudge or resource.

“…as a senior I was pretty confident in the way I had been doing things. When as a senior you have a writing teacher who comes along and basically tells you that you need to think in a new way it is frustrating. Where do I go from here? How do I perfect my new way of thought if I am graduating in a few months?” (keithjagger, Comment 21, keep talking).

“…in both the Junior and Freshman classes, we all had to overcome our own personal obstacles in order to succeed in the class” (pinkpanther89, Comment 6, keep talking). For instance, Gphelan explains, “I started off this year pissed off cause I didn’t know what was going on but I soon realized it was all out of my control and I gave up fighting and it worked out I suppose” (Comment 5, keep talking). Unknown29 sums it up this way: “If you get caught in a bad situation and you have no choice instead of complaining about it you might as well learn something from it” (Comment 3, keep talking).

“WIthout great diverging minds, there is no great learning, and in my mind, because i was able to disagree so freely with people early on in the class, i helped to aid the process of learning. We all have something to learn from eachother, but just because we’re learning, doesnt mean the teaching is coming from someone speaking at you. You dont just sit there and listen, you engage. ENGAGE!” (Oddity33, Comment 24, keep talking).

“Steph’s decision in involving her classes with online media is prepping us for what’s to come. Whether we’re for or against modern technology, we are going to have to adapt to it and somehow become engaged.” (hippo86, Comment 25, keep talking).

“I have learned after this semester that it is okay to be a little confused. But the idea of clarity will always remain a question no matter how many differnet teachers I continue to have for the last year and semester I have left at this university” (Carmella7, Comment 22, keep talking).

“We have been taught to write what we want, no rules or restrictions. How it is interpreted depends on the audience” (ciaobelllla, Comment 20, keep talking).

“Writing can have many effects depending on the audience and how it was written. Many people in this class have written how they feel and in return it has gotten responses back about feelings of feelings. While pathos can be used effectivrly in a paper it seems this may not always work. The audience might not understand your topic or the views your trying to get across, or the have no feeling on the topic because they don’t understand the pathos in the topic itself. Also, it seems to be taken out of context in many cases” (Shininginthewind, Comment 19, keep talking).

“When you write an article, a poem, any type of prose, you have an intended focus. You want someone to feel something, and you bring out those emotions with words. If you are writing a piece to persuade someone to feel a certain way, you want the reader to feel what you feel. This is a very intimate type of relationship, one that only words can help make possible” (anon136, Comment 17, keep talking).

“This class has helped me to realize that I am responsible for everything that I write, and that the audience is made up of people who have thoughts and feelings that are both very similar to and very different from my own. Through the use of the blogs and commenting the responsibility of the author has become more and more apparent, as has the idea that writing is just as much a reflection of one’s self as speaking is” (treschouette, Comment 7, keep talking).

“i feel more free to expand on my styles and topic for what i want to write about because steph does not restrict us very much. This is a way of being taught that i have not experienced before and i am starting to get used to it” (wright5, Comment 18, keep talking).

Why Knot?


“In a sense,” redbeardthewriter seems to reluctantly concede (!), “this class has succeeded marvelously. We are finally holding a conversation, something that has been demanded of us from day one, about our common aches and pains” (Comment 12, keep talking).

“I hardly ever related any of the assignments that Steph gave us. I didn’t recognize how everything was connecting until we started to write our research papers” (apple23, Comment 15, keep talking). “Isn’t it cool,” writes pylee, “to connect everything together?” (Comment 14, keep talking). Winglsammi explains in detail, “Spending the whold semester with Steph, I find that she tries to make connection between everything… (Comment 13, keep talking).

“From each reflection letters, I know that my writing has been improving a lot, because I know writing the first time is not good enough, we have to go back and forth to see how criticized it to a better way” (white78c, Comment 11, keep talking).

“It is truly that maintaining a conversation via technology can be difficult, specifically when both the junior writing class and our english112 class are equally confused with the process. Fortunately, the topics we have been commenting on are controversial and unsafe (The Wall, Hawaii, Israel vs. Palestine)and summon different arguments” (balderdash1, Comment 8, keep talking).

“Although it may be frustrating at times, this class is a challenge and challenges sure as hell aren’t easy. You just gotta deal” (yepp0628, Comment 9, keep talking).