Hi folks,

If you’re struggling with finding us on the UMassWiki, go here:


Here are detailed directions for setting up your own blogs:

I’m going to give you a series of links, just so you can follow how to move from the wiki to other places, k?

Homework Assignments (due by Feb 3)

That’s our homework assignments, right? You see the first line “set up your anonymous WordPress weblog, (recommendation: do this tonight!)”? And the text in blue? It’s a link to WordPress, so if you click that you arrive here:


Reading through the “main” section, the third paragraph reads: “To get started with WordPress, set it up on a web host for the most flexibility or get a free blog on WordPress.com.”

You want to highlighted text to “get a free blog” – now, I’m not exactly sure that page looks like to you as I already have one, but I think you have to

  1. Fill out whatever they ask you about you – be sure to allow your blog to be searchable whenever that question comes up
  2. fill in the blogdomain – this becomes part of the address (URL) that makes your site unique.
  3. decide on your actual title (could be the same or different than the blogdomain name) – maybe the name you Really Want is already taken as URL, so you tweak it a bit, then go ahead and name your blog what you want. Make sense?
  4. pick English for your language
  5. click create ….

Then you can do the design choices and even go ahead and create the “category” of Small Group Communication. Just remember to select when you come back later to write your first entry!