Senator Barack Obama’s Yes We Can speech will go down in history whether he wins the Democratic nomination or not.

Senator Hillary Clinton’s speechifying is also strong: her Super Tuesday speech articulates the theme of change.

John McCain’s Courageous Service video details his navy service.

These individuals have left a record of their beliefs for others to learn from, a testimony to the ambition of their lives to make some kind of difference that improves the world.

I want to quote from an academic blog: “…in order to have a conversation. We have to be more generous and tolerant than we are used to being, than we are trained to be.” (Dr. Mabuse cites Jodi Dean on the challenge of talking about ideas.)

The options are infinite. The challenge is to craft agreement and participation. However, consensus is not an easy accomplishment. Responding to the preceding quote on tolerance, Scott encounters the pull to conformity while recognizing “the strife instinct in others has ultimately created just as much interesting scholarship as it discouraged.” If any group is to establish and promote an idea or an ethic worth attention, the group must engage serious disagreement on the path to compromise and cooperation.

There are so many ideas for what you, COM352, can do with the Course Wiki. I have posted several that I hope nudge your inspiration: