Check out this series of 60-Second Science videos that rock.

Episode 6
includes news on the global seed vault, the apocalyptic potential of Apothos, how to shoot a bacterium in the head, and robotic suicide bombers.

Episode 5

highlights from a big science conference, sharing info through social networks =? herd behavior/hive mind? Digg ratings on 60secondscience…

Episode 4

new dinosaurs – highlighting the carnivores, camping in the wilderness, hotornot dating preferences, heat measuring high impact map (how we’re screwing up the oceans), and virtual patients for doctor training.

Episode 3

meds and malaria, “Who shrank the superpower?”, artificial intelligence and videogames, and marrying your third cousin.

Episode 2

death by sitting,  neuron-by-neuron brain slicing, free will or robot, and the persistence of creationists.

Episode 1

news on the safety of cloned food despite “subtle genetic changes”, peanut butter jelly time,  yeast years, and facebook: do you exist?

Meanwhile, my favorite media about the internet has not yet been displaced: Web 2.0: The Web is Us/ing Us