I am catching up on blogpost credit, and coming across a few extra credit posts and/or posts made after the due date.

We have to decide the extent to which the information in these posts “matters” to the frame, norms, and eventual product that we will create. For instance, replying to “Time to DECIDE….”, vertebralsilence critiques my inclusion of a

“seemingly important concept and a link at the very bottom of a post that already has several comments (as opposed to, for instance, as an actual blog post). Because we have no means of being updated to new comments…”

I cannot recall my logic at the time, but I certainly agree that freedom of online speech
deserves more attention than a comment. (I might have anticipated that you would be assigned to re-read these comments and thus would come across the link in due time.)

Churchofgoogle was already addressing the challenge of organizing all our information and ideas, and akademakid put in a plug for Davos and youtube, along the lines of improving the world (a sentiment several of you did express, all the way “back then” (!) in Week 4 – Feb 19-25).

An extra credit entry on one of the cultural term analysis for “bitch” suggests an active incorporation of this term into the coursewiki frame.  Meanwhile a late post weighed in on “love,” bumping that term’s prominence in class (quantitatively) to number 1!