We are not a bubble, this group (our class). The achievements we’ve made as a whole do not translate, intact, to newly formed subgroups (intragroups). It took us five weeks (before) to reach the storm, and then a few more before the arrival of norming. (Some people – apparently? – mistook the third stage for the fourth, presuming we had already peaked at the performing stage.) A rumor went around. I do not know how far or widespread; I do not want or need to know. I am not interested in who started it, who repeated it, who believed it, and who debunked it. If you heard it, it was wrong – and now what?

Someone (apparently) said there was no need to produce a final product, that it was sufficient to go through the motions just so we could see what happened. Rumors in organizations tend to reflect fears in relation to ambivalence: some unknown(s) or uncertainties linger that cast operations in doubt. Let’s get on with working these out, shall we? Time now truly begins to shorten.

In fact, another peculiar quality of time is how it refuses to allow an insulating layer of self-focus, incessant navel-gazing, or assumption of individual/group autonomy to persist. So today a guest arrives – the real world reaching from beyond classroom walls into our space, to observe and bear witness to our progress (and our product). What have we learned that is worthy of display?