COM375: Argument Analysis

The communication juniors do know several excellent questions with which to interrogate texts (see comments to Comm Juniors Awake!), although their focused attention on task leads some to neglect the provision of a well-crafted contextual summary. Combining “summary” and “analysis” into one product – with the two intellectual activities clearly differentiated from each other – marks the departure point of a crucial learning curve.

Meanwhile, I definitely did cram too much into one day. If I had just left well enough alone (as in, not gotten excited about meta-communication concerning the tension that is inevitably experienced when actual learning is occurring), everyone present would easily have made it through WikiDay Two.

Often I attempt to balance the seemingly-exclusive horns of this pedagogical dilemma: teach skill (decontextualized from real life) or praxis (skill put to informed use)?


A primer on semiotics (the study of signs) and media: “The MCS (pronounced ‘mix’) site is an award-winning portal or ‘meta-index’ to internet-based resources useful in the academic study of media and communication.”