This (slightly modified) exchange of letters between a government agency and a private citizen demonstrates two writing skills. Humor is used to make the respondent’s claims more powerful while simultaneously discrediting the government agency (weaking their position). The second is the debating tactic of using the agency’s own legalistic jargon against them; in other words, the citizen responds in kind, with the same logical framework of federal and its particular language of asserting claims.

Under WordPress’ “teaching” category, I came across Learn Bayes Theory: It won’t kill you. I’m aware how much my own universe of comprehension is expanding as I absorb the math I never learned before; I totally agree that anyone with the least curiousity about how our societies run needs to have some grasp of the paradigms that drive decision-makers.

Within the “citizenship” category, more wordplay (“BeAWackerBacker”) and political posturing using inflammatory language: to see ourselves as others see us: peculiar politics. Also interesting is the blogger’s perception of a parallel between mideast and U.S. politics.